The Alabama State Records website is an all-in-one stop for searching for, analyzing, and attaining civil and criminal court records, legal judgements, documents detailing court events, and other public records. The Freedom of Information Act, and their stateside equivalents, announces that court records are accessible and available to everyone at large, meaning any American citizen can access information with regards to the events and lawsuits that happened at any court in the country. This implies that the details of lawsuits, bankruptcy results, lien judgements, criminal hearings and civil litigations are all available for perusal and study. The only difference is if a record is legally regarded as redacted, sealed, or voided. This is typically the claim with juvenile criminal court records, divorce reports (which are often only accessible to those having divorced and their legal consultants), sealed birth files (for closed adoptions), or in cases of victim privacy. Other than these somewhat rare cases, criminal court records, trial court records, civil court records, and a lot more are all attainable by law. Using Alabama State Records simplifies the process of finding your record, and only requires a name, or an address to start. Just input the name you wish to search, and State Records will sift through every accessible online court record looking for a name match in an area you specify. This involves both digital and digitized documents, meaning your query may even generate outcomes from the early twentieth century.


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